Full Color Envelopes

With full-color envelopes available in a variety of different sizes and materials, Print Your Order is your go-to shop for envelopes in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. No matter what kind of envelope you’re looking for, we can print images or text anywhere on your custom full-color envelopes. Just leave room for addressing and postage, and you’ll be all set.
Some of our more common order options include #10 regular envelopes that are typically sized 9.5” x 4.125” with 70lb white paper. The most popular choice is full color on one side (4/0) and are typically uncoated. These envelopes are perfect for standard 8.5” x 11” letterhead that is folded in thirds. Though our full-color envelopes fit ordinary letter-sized paper, our professional touches show our high attention to detail. We encourage you to use custom envelopes as a way to reinforce your company identity and to create a lasting impression. When you combine full-color envelopes with full-color letterhead, you can manage your brand and show your clients just how much you care.

We also offer 24 lb white envelopes that are the perfect standard commercial-style envelope that are great for both business and personal correspondence. You can also try 70 lb white and natural cougar envelopes, which is a little heavier weight than standard envelopes. These thicker envelopes add an extra level of quality and durability. Another option is a 70 lb classic crest solar white envelope which is one of the #1 selling premium writing paper. The classic crest solar white envelope is the perfect envelope for business professionals. The last option you can choose from is the classic linen solar white envelope that comes on 70 lb paper. These envelopes are a little more versatile and have a woven linen texture - which is perfect for mailing checks, invoices, letterheads, personal letters, and more. Step up your envelope game and let us help you get what you need for your business. Print Your Order offers affordable prices and speedy turnaround printing times in the Mid-Atlantic region, and we’d love to answer any questions you might have. What are you waiting for? Start your order today!


  • Wide Variety
  • Linen Available
  • Match with Letterhead


Available in many different sizes, Full Color Envelopes can send a variety of materials. We can print any image or text anywhere on the Envelope, so long as there is room for addressing and postage.

The most common order options are #10 Regular Envelopes (9.5" x 4.125") on 70 lb White envelopes. They are almost always printed in full color on one side (4/0) and do not have coating. #10 Envelopes fit standard 8.5" x 11" letterhead folded in thirds.

Full Color Printed Envelopes are a great way to reinforce a company's identity and create a clean, consistent impression. These are the professional touches that show high attention to detail and help you manage your brand consistently.