Counter Cards

Similar to rack cards, counter cards are a great marketing tool that any business can use. Place our high quality counter cards in strategic locations like information desks, countertops, waiting areas, and more. We typically see counter cards used at point of purchase areas, used at service menus and for trade show displays in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Typically counter cards make for great giveaway materials, and can help inform new or returning customers of upcoming events or promotions.

Counter cards come with 7” double wing adhesive easels to make it easier for you to place them anywhere you need. We recommend them for indoor and short term outdoor presentations. With 3/16” thick rigid foam core board, we are positive that you’ll love the quality! With our fast turnaround printing times, your business can quickly start advertising and promoting. Our full color printing capabilities make your design vibrant and fresh, and our standard foam board is versatile for any type of industry. Our foam board has resilient polystyrene core in between two layers of semi-gloss white clay coated paper and is made to last.

Not only do counter cards look great on counters and tables, they are the perfect tool to help you stay on top of mind with customers and clients. Whether it’s a real estate office, a bar or restaurant, and office building, etc., counter cards remind your customers of what you offer without being too pushy. Order new counter cards for new products, new services, or even just to spruce up your surfaces. Here at Print Your Order, each our business promotional items will be printed using only the highest quality materials. Sturdy materials made to last and do the hard advertising for you - what are you waiting for? Give us a call and let us help you order custom counter cards in the Mid-Atlantic region today.


  • Printed on Foam Core
  • Supported by double-wing easel stand
  • High quality full color printing
  • Fast turnaround


A counter card is a marketing tool any business can use. It is a flat advertising material put in strategic locations such as countertops, information desks or waiting areas. They are commonly used as point of purchase displays, service menus, event signs and trade show displays.

Counter cards come with 7" double wing adhesive easels for easy application.

3/16" thick rigid foamcore board

Recommended for indoor and short term outdoor signage and presentations