Yard Signs

Yard signs are an extremely effective marketing strategy for several reasons. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor promotions, and you can trust that they will hold up for long periods of time. If you’re ready to increase awareness for your brand, company, person, or event, then yard signs might be the perfect solution for you. Though commonly used for real estate marketing or for spreading awareness for political campaigns, yard signs can be used for any industry or project.  

When you order yard signs from Print Your Order, you’re getting full color signs on rigid and durable 4mm corrugated plastic. We have a variety of sizes that range from 6” x 24” to 36” x 48”.

At Print Your Order, we make it our mission to make sure you get your yard sign quickly, easily, and at an affordable price! Start by planning out your marketing strategy. Where do you want to put the signs? Will they be displayed outside? All of our yard signs are durable and rigid and fade-resistant so you can have peace of mind wherever you decide to display them. After that, explore all of our ordering options and customize your sign however you would like. Upload your design, enter your shipping and billing information, and place your order. Your professionally print yard yards will be sent you in no time! It’s as easy as that to get signs that stand out and do the hard promotional work for you. Ready to get started?


  • Rigid Outdoor Signs
  • 1 or 2 sided
  • Fade Resistant
  • Water Resistant


Yard Signs are printed in full color on rigid 4mm corrugated plastic and are available in sizes ranging from 6" x 24" to 36" x 48". With printing on either one or both sides, Yard Signs can be oriented in landscape or portrait.

The most common order options are 24" x 18" on 4mm White Corrugated Plastic. Almost always, Yard Signs are printed in full color on both sides (4/4) and are supported by H-Wire stakes.

Yard Signs are effective marketing tools because they can be used indoors and outdoors, and are durable enough to be left in place for longer periods of time. Commonly used for real estate and political campaigns, Yard Signs are effective for increasing awareness of a brand, company, or person in any setting.