Amazing Postcard Every Time With These Tips.

Posted on 2/20/2019

Postcards have consistently been a valuable advertising and promotional way of staying at the forefront and surface of your client’s minds.

Though we believe personal postcards are a means to stay in touch with loved ones while vacationing, they've readily become an essential marketing tool.  A fantastic investment to gain new customers and maintain current customers.

Let us help you look incredible by using postcards which you and everybody you give the too will adore.

It’s not hard to design excellent postcards which will enable you to grow your company or get your message out there. We've got a couple of design tips that we will help make your postcards good to great!

Here are some basics which will help you feel confident when creating your postcard order.

  1. If you are mailing a mass quantity of postcards you do not want to create a large oversized postcard that will wind up costing you more than their value. The largest postcard you can mail at letter rate is 6” x 11”. On the flip side, you do not want to design postcards that are too small which will make them become misplaced or unnoticed in the mail.

    We'd really like to assist you to find just what you want. Our most common choices are often the most economical way to produce postcards.

  2. Attempt to stand out small. Use bright colors and bold fonts to ensure that if people are looking through their mail, they won’t skip over it. We do encourage you only to use pictures or graphics that are related to your company branding. You want to know who your market is and what you need them to know about your business. If you are targeting an older crowd with a more vintage type layout, a lot of the younger age group may decide that your business is not the best source for them to use to keep up with the everchanging styles of today. For example if you are a dentist, you may not want random pictures of pets. You want a design created that sticks to the message you are sending. You can find royalty free photographs which are high quality and higher resolution images in and Completely free and totally magnificent.
  3. The entire purpose of sending out info on postcards is to get customers to shop or click to your website. Direct mail could lead to a fast return if your message is on cue and the message is clear.

    If you want to pinpoint a specific market and see how effective your return rate is, would be to mail out a postcard with a specific promo code so you understand who's replying to your postcard and utilizing it. A particular code may help you restrict your demographics.

    Think about copying your own checkout buttons on your site, when applicable. Otherwise too many offsite manufacturers will use your digital call to action buttons that you currently have and join your printed advertising materials back to their website.

  4. Postcards can be small to start with, to ensure that you concentrate your message to a specific message. Do not include a lot of pictures or too much text, or a lot of distracting pictures. This can make your postcard too busy and distract from your message. Stay focused on a short message.

If you find someone to create your postcards that don’t know much about your business, you may end up sending the wrong message. You may want to reevaluate.


What do you believe? Can we provide you enough pointers that will assist you in looking incredible? We hope we helped provide you a few essential pointers that will assist you in improving your marketing strategy.

If you are not using direct mail postcards for your company, these hints are still useful for other endeavors. Don't forget to keep your design simple allowing the pictures and design to do the speaking for you.

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